Gemanator™: Shirlanka Paradise, a Unique Twist on the Classic Puzzle Game Formula!

NEWPORT NEWS VA, December 07th, 2016 - Are tired of match-3's and over-simplified games on your phone. If so, indie game developer Kaleb Parham has the solution for you – Gemanator™: Shirlanka Paradise!

Gemanator™: Shirlanka Paradise is a new tile-matching puzzle game that takes a very different approach to the classic formula. Similar to older puzzle games of the genre, gems fall from the top of the play-field. But instead of rotating them as they fall to the ground, you allow the gems to land, then shift entire rows left and right with the goal of matching four or more of the same gem type. Once you match four or more gems vertically, horizontally, in a square or in a special form, they explode and award you a certain number of points. As you clear gems away, you will “Level Up” ,which introduces new gems, abstract blocks, and speeds the game up. This constant speeding up keeps the player on their toes, as they never truly know what to expect or how fast it's going to appear. To compensate for the fast-pace, you do not get a “Game Over” if you reach the top. Only if every space on the play-field has a gem for three seconds do you lose.

Of course, Gemanator™ is much deeper than that. As players get more skilled, scoring becomes a primary focal point. As mentioned above, gems clear away with special forms. Special forms always create Pearls. Four or more Pearls can be cleared away in a similar fashion to normal gems, but are worth ten times as much as regular gems. Also, when you clear gems away, you are given a certain amount of time to clear another set of gems. Doing so increases your combo and doubles how much the gems are worth. Clearing more gems in rapid succession creates bigger combos and grants you more points per clear. The game also has a number of “hidden” mechanics for really skilled players, such as Raves and Level Skips.

The plot involves two teenagers who must journey to an ancient planet in order to save the Earth from an evil dictator. The characters of the game, Max and Paris, will occasionally chime in and encourage (or berate) the player. Max is much more friendly, and a quick thinker, so he will generally congratulate the player for doing anything good. Paris, on the other hand, is shy, highly intelligent, and also skeptical of your ability. Paris's respect must be earned. If you start hearing Paris talk a lot (outside of insults for poor play), you're doing really well.

Gemanator™ is available in two forms: The full game and the Casual Edition. The full game (available as Gemanator™: Shirlanka Paradise) is available on Google Play App Store, Amazon App Store, and iOS App Store for $1.99. The full game has a total of six game modes, each with slightly different goals and rules.

  • Rush Mode gives you five minutes to attempt to get the highest score you can. The rules are loosened a bit for players to “Level Up” much faster.
  • Arcade Mode gives you the goal of beating 50 levels, each getting much more difficult than the last. This mode has two leaderboards: one for the highest score and one for clearing the game in the fastest times.
  • Nightmare Mode gives the player a limited amount of time to complete each level. If you don't complete the level within the time limit, you lose.
  • Trials Mode ditches the gems falling from the top, and instead gives the player preset puzzles and a mission (such as clear all Red Gems). There are over 100 puzzles in Trials Mode, and each one can be completed twice: a normal clear and an advanced clear.
  • Free Mode is a practice mode. You can pick any level, launch consistency, and drop speed freely and play until you lose or get tired.
  • Novice Mode is basically Arcade Mode, but it has an easier randomizer. Abstract Blocks come much later in the game, and it doesn't get quite as fast. This mode does not save scores.

Gemanator™: Casual Edition is only available on Google Play for free (with ads). It comes exclusively with Rush Mode, but contains the option to play a Novice version of Rush Mode. Gemanator: Casual Edition has no leaderboards or achievements as well. Both version's contain a tutorial mode which explains how to play.

The game will also have some post-launch DLC (both free and charged), as well as an upcoming PC and MAC releases. Some upcoming features are more Trials for Trials mode and Story Mode DLC.

About Kaleb Parham

Kaleb Parham is an independent game developer and programmer. Some of his past works include Squirrel Master Cookies: Volume 1, Buzz Kill, and the sequel, Buzz Kill Zero. His games generally take retro concepts and flip them on their heads by adding elements of modern game design.

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