Privacy Policy

Gemanator: Shirlanka Paradise may collect information such as the user's name in order to personalize the experience. This information is completely optional and is only used through Facebook, which is an independent app unrelated to Gemanator and Kaleb Parham. Users do not need to reveal any of this personal information to experience Gemanator. Gemanator does not sell, give, or trade the imformation it has gathered to any 3rd parties for data-mining or marketing purposes. Gemanator does create two files on your device which save information and data pertianing to your progress within the app. Gemanator does not collect any information off of your personal device outside of the data it has created. does not collect any information about nor does it store any cookies on your computer. This website only serves the purpose of spreading awareness and providing information about Gemanator. No information is required. This website will eventually collect scores from the user and place them on the site. This is only to promote competition amongst players and will not be sold.