A Word From The Developer

Gemanator: Shirlanka Paradise took two years to develope. I had just come from working on two games that I'm pretty sure you've never heard of, Buzz Kill Zero and Cookies: Volume 1. I was initially going to make an underwater themed game, but around that time, I had some personal issues that impeded that game's progress. The personal issues forced me to take one of the games from Cookies, expand it, and attempt to sell it. That game became this game, Gemanator: Shirlanka Paradise.
As fate would have it, I didn't finish the game until two years later, after the issue was mostly resolved. I've hit many brick walls while developing this game: some financial, some personal, some time related, some having to do with learning something I've never learned before. Because of everything I undertook and conquered while making this game, there are some personal attachments I have to it.
With all that said, whether you enjoy figuring out how to maximize your score, get excited with the fast-paced thrills, or play casually on the toilet, I hope you enjoy Gemanator: Shirlanka Paradise© for many years to come!
- Kaleb Parham a.k.a. The Squirrel Master