The goal of Gemanator is to line up falling gems based on thier color and gem type. When four or more gems are lined up vertically, horizontally, into a square, or into a specail form, the gems clear away. When every space on the field has a gem, you lose, so it's of the utmost importance that you keep clearing gems away! If you clear gems away quickly, you get more points!
Clearing Gems away also lowers your EXP. When your EXP reaches 0, you "Level Up" and your Level increases by 1. The higher your level, the faster gems fall and you get more diversity in your gems.


  1. Playfield Top: This is where gems fall from.
  2. Level: The current level you are on.
  3. Info Bar: Tells you your score, EXP before the next level, combo time, and the objective for Trials Mode
  4. Side Panels: Tap and/or hold these to shift gems left and right. You can also slide the gems with your finger
  5. Time Info: Lets you know how much time you have remaining or, for Arcade Mode, how long you have been playing


Gemanator has six game modes for you to play and explore, each with thier own quirks and bonus objectives to clear them! All of the game modes are available at the start of the game as well.